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Advice for Incoming Freshmen

(from a variety of sources)


Brandi Bolinger, LSF Alum, CMU

Always remember Matthew 7:12! Be the roommate and friend that you would like to have. Also, remember to take some time for yourself.


Kevin Dush, Deputy Sheriff, Isabella County Sheriff’s Dept.

Lock your vehicle and apartment/residence hall doors.


Samantha Dush, recent CMU Alum

- Don't skip classes - especially UP and Comp classes because missing too many can either fail you or drop you a letter grade.

- Make time for your mother...she misses you already!

- If you are a girl, and you get a bad feeling about something while walking late at night or if you have to go someplace alone, remember the God-given gift of fear. There could be a reason you feel that way, don't ignore it!


Cara Harjes, Therapist, Denver, CO

- Get to know your professors and speak up in class - even if you feel a little shy or insecure.

- Nurture and get to know yourself; spiritually, academically, socially, physically.

- Study hard but not too hard - make sure to meet people and have fun!


Brian Block, CMU Alum

Be sure to include the numbers for all the taxi services in your phone’s contacts.


Dr. Kenneth Kosche, Professor of Music (retired), Concordia University Wisconsin

For those who are "too busy," you will never have more time than you do now, so use it wisely.


Tina Kolaskey, Mother of 2 successful college students, Dillsboro, IN

- Watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

- Remember the old buddy system and you won't be the next missing college student news story. 

- Always take your keys- do not assume because your room-mate was there when you left she will be there when you return. She may leave and lock the door. You can whine all you want but that won't open the door.

- Be responsible !!


Brandi Bucholz, CMU Alum, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Include the book "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey in your book list and read it. (I wish that someone had given me this advice years ago!)


Rev. Chad Smith, Fort Wayne, IN

Don't forget to sleep. Most of the time all nighters aren't beneficial...and don't procrastinate.


Patty Pickler, Zion member

Don't walk around with your ID hanging around your neck, it lets everyone know you are a freshman.


Rev. John Wurst, Lutheran Church of Christ the King, Duluth, MN

Pray. Read. Pray. Study. Pray. Go to Church. Pray. Stay in touch with family. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray.


Joseph Carr, US Army Reserve, CMUSLF Alum

Don’t be afraid to relax and do work at the chapel.  Meet and help internationals, and help brainstorm activities for LSF!


Caitlin Worden, recent CMU Alum and missionary in Peru

Go to church even when you don’t have the time. Don’t think time with God is something you can cut out of life to make it easier. Trust God, spend your time with Him and with the people He puts in your life.  Pastor is your friend. Treat him as a friend, bug him with the little things, have a heart to heart with him. You’d be surprised at his perspective.


Chris Hanley, Zion member

It is a lot easier to maintain a GPA than to raise it!


Kyle Kulczycki, recent CMU Alum

There will be many distractions in college, don't get caught up with the bad ones. Yet it's ok to have the good ones every now and then.


Rachel Hinz, Public Relations, Concordia, Ann Arbor, MI

A very simple suggestion would be to always keep in mind future consequences to decisions now.  This can be difficult with all of the changes of college and being away from home, but don’t intentionally look for regrets.


Rev. CJ Ransdell, Our Father Lutheran Church, Centennial, CO and MSU Alum

The friendships and relationships that are developed in congregational life provide a support system that lasts not just through the times at school, but also for the rest of your life.


Chris Polley, Recent CMU Alum and Zion member

Come out of your shell and talk to people around you in each class... When you get stuck on some of the work, you can talk it out with another classmate BEFORE going to the professor... If you start to get overwhelmed, do not be afraid to talk to the proffs, they are there to help you., not judge you.


Dana Viges, CMU Parent

Freshman living in the dorms, make use of your RA. They got that position for a good reason..Plug into the group on campus that most enhances your faith and your enjoyment of the Gifts God gave you.


Brian Niswonger, CMU Alum and Zion member

College is a fresh start. It doesn't matter who you were or what you did in high school. Meet new people, do new things, but always be true to yourself and the God that loves you!


Rick Jasso, CMU Alum

Join LCMS U BEFORE you graduate. It's a great way to meet people and the much needed spiritual support you get will help make the college experience much less stressful.


Jake Rowley, Zion member

The first semester is hardest and even if the courses get more difficult the semesters get easier as you go.


Jade Anderson, former LCMS U President and CMU Student

Try and find at least one group (RSO, sport team, etc.) that interests you and get involved! It's a great way to meet new people that you have something in common with :)

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